The first recipe I used from Cook’s Illustrated was for the “Best Blueberry Scones” (from the July/August 07 issue).  The recipe was created to avoid the overly sweet and overly dense results that many scone recipes produce. To achieve a fluffy consistency the recipe called for grating frozen sticks of butter with a box grater to ensure optimal distribution of butter pieces in the dough.  

I went to wal-mart to get a box grater, which was a mistake;  the box grater I got there sucks and I need to get a better one.  

Even though grating frozen butter is extremely obnoxious, the recipe turned out great.  The scones were fluffy but not to fluffy and just sweet enough. I also used blueberries from wal mart, which was also a mistake.  Next time I make anything I am going to try to get fresher produce, which will be difficult in Baytown.

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